Let’s learn about conditioners, treatments, and hair packs with Yuko.

  • Apr 15,2013

Hi everyone,

You may think that conditioners and treatments are quite different, I would like to explain more about these two products.

Conditioners and treatments have two common purposes:

  • 1. To supply oil and make the hair moist and smooth
  • 2. To re-adjust the condition of the hair after shampooing

Although I am going to avoid writing in too much detail, I will say that your hair after shampooing is like hair without make-up. By applying conditioner or treatment to the surfaces of the hair, the hair is coated, smooth and protected from damage. They can also prevent static electricity building up which causes frizz. Both Conditioners and Treatments can provide you with these same benefits.

The main difference between the two products is the concentration of the ingredients is higher in treatments than in conditioners, so the penetration into the hair is greater when you use treatments. In other words, conditioner supplies nutrition mainly for the surface of the hair, and treatment works on the hair inside and out.

Glossy, isn’t it?

You can also use a hair pack product to improve the condition of your hair. The ingredients are the same as the conditioner and the treatment. However, it contains a much higher percentage of the necessary elements such as keratin (protein) and moisturizer and is therefore a more intense experience for your hair.

Next time I will write about how to use the conditioner, the treatment and the hair pack product. Looking forward to your next visit to my site!