About hair cuticles

  • Nov 14,2013

Hello. How are you?
Recently I saw a friend after a long absence. It was nice seeing her, but I noticed that her hair cuticles were more damaged than when I saw her last. As I have mentioned before, cuticles are the bodyguard of your hair.

This time, I would like to write about healthy cuticles. Have you ever looked at a cuticle? The shape and the colour of your hair depend on the person, but usually a healthy hair (seen through a microscope) looks like this:

However, if you treat your hair badly, it gets damaged.

  • Damage by brushing The way you brush your hair can damage it. If your hair is tangled after shampooing, start detangling gently from the hair ends.
  • Damage by heat By blowing dry your hair, the amount of moisture in the hair could decrease, and it causes the hair to become dry and brittle. Put on some treatment lotion before drying your hair, so it doesn’t become brittle.
  • Split ends Cuticles can flake off, and the nutritious substance between the fibers escapes. Daily, gentle hair care is the key to avoiding split ends.

Even if your hair is in bad condition, you hardly notice it because it is invisible to the naked eye. It is not easy to constantly maintain healthy hair condition, but at least you can try not to damage the cuticles during your daily hair care.

If you find that your hair is damaged, it would probably be best to consult your hair dresser.

Going back to the story of my friend, shortly afterward, I asked her to come to the Yuko salon, and I gave her hair Yuko straightening and then a hair cut. The result was full bodied, glossy, natural-looking hair.

Looking in the mirror, my friend said, “my hair looks beautiful, and I look five year younger”. I was content just to see her happy face.