Working together with Unilever

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Providing the essence of beautiful hair with proud as Japanese woman

Flying around the world as an expert on straight hair.

Since 2008 I have been involved in the product development & public relations activities of Unilever. Unilever is a global corporation, which produces household products, including hair care goods, and it has research facilities scattered all over the world.

I was selected as an expert and put in charge of Unilever’s straight-hair care products sold in various countries.

First, I joined the technical development team of Unilever’s laboratory located in the U.K. Then I flew to France and met France’s top-level fragrance designer. I am scheduled to visit various countries. Wherever I go, I receive a lot of media interviews.

Things I want to transmit to the world: Japan’s historical background

In the media interviews I receive in various countries, I would like to transmit the excellent characteristics of Japan. The straight hair of Japanese women has its own historical background. Just like the women described in the ancient Japanese novel, Genji Monogatari (“The Tale of Genji”), Japanese women believe that straight hair is a symbol of beauty.

I am very often asked in interviews, “Why are you working on hair straightening so hard, even though most Japanese women already have straight hair?”

In Japan, women who have unruly hair sometimes get annoyed, concerned and hurt, because they look different from others. It gives me great encouragement to keep pursuing effective methods to achieve and care for straight hair when I see the wonderful smile of women who have straightened their hair using my “Hair Repair System.” Shiny, beautiful hair is something that Japanese women are proud of. I want to convey the importance of hair care to the rest of the world through my involvement with Unilever.

Things I want to transmit to the world: Japan’s historical background