My original beliefs and experiences over the years have built myself up!

The following is the story of how I became interested in becoming a beauty specialist.

Something, which almost everyone has as an ordinary experience, impressed me deeply when I was a child and roused my spirits.

My mother and elder sister used to take me along when they went to a nearby beauty parlor to have their hair set or permed. On our way back home, I noticed that the two of them kept looking at themselves in the windows along the roadside in order to check out their new hair styles. Very often they were not happy with what they saw, and so they took out the hairpins. It was almost always the case with them. On the other hand, when they were satisfied with their new hair style, they kept looking at themselves in the mirror all day long and didn’t even want to wash their hair that day. They often went to such extremes.

As all women easily understand, just moving a few strands of hair onto one’s forehead can make a huge difference in one’s appearance.

I was deeply impressed and said to myself, “ What a great job it must be to be a beauty specialist, who can change a women’s mood so dramatically!” Thus I became aware of the important job of the beauty specialist.

Study of perm solution and technical development of hair straightening

Study of perm solution and technical development of hair straighteningAs a professional beauty specialist, I started a project to develop my own original perm solution. After about 2 years of study, I succeeded in creating the first perm solution. Previously, it was thought that perming and coloring damaged the scalp and caused hair-loss. However, it was clearly apparent that my original perm solution helped to improve both hair quality and finish, and our customers were very satisfied with the result. This greatly helped us in our technical development of a process of hair straightening.

The “Yuko Hair-Straightening System” was developed by accumulating knowledge, through my career as a beauty specialist, about such key factors as the important role of “water” for nurturing hair, one’s body and so on. When it was first introduced on the market, this epoch-making new system brought about a revolution in the beauty industry and has since spread around the world. Currently, the technique of “Yuko Hair Straightening System” is widely utilized in beautician schools in Bahrain and England to develop the next generation of expert beauty specialists.