Your hair represents yourself!

A person’s hair is to her face what a picture frame is to a picture.  Being healthy always comes first when we use this analogy.

What you care about being around your face gives a more striking image than anything else that you wear on your body, because your hair plays the same role as a picture frame does to the picture itself. I believe that the effect of your overall fashion is greatly dictated by the image of your hair. Just like your body, your hair is made from water and nutrition that comes from what you eat on a daily basis. This means that healthy hair is nurtured by a healthy body and the state of your bodily health is directly apparent in the state of your hair.

I have lived my life with hair. Being a beauty specialist is my true vocation.

I first noticed that I needed to understand the bio-rhythm of hair in order to maintain its beauty. So I started studying the various proteins that constitute hair and their behavior. Just as each person has her own constitution, each person has her own hair quality, and a beauty specialist can understand a customer’s hair and body condition from experience. I can tell what kind of habits my customer’s hair has and what kind of physical constitution my customer has just by touching her hair and head, even with my eyes closed. I can do this because of my tremendous amount of interest in hair and because of having stuck to my own beliefs so far.

Leave chemical treatment techniques to a beauty professional. Leave daily home care to yourself.

I believe it is a good idea to follow the hair care techniques and advice of professionals to maintain one’s healthy hair. It is important to really care about one’s own hair. One’s hair is affected in many ways by daily living, especially by one’s eating habits, so we can say that one’s hair condition is the result of one’s particular lifestyle. With this in mind, I would like to advise you how to obtain correct knowledge of hair care and how to practice it on a daily basis.