Enjoyed Singapore!!

Hello every one! How are you?
I am very fine (^^)/

I travelled to Singapore with my female friends for vacation.
While I visited there several times for business, I did not know such a lot of sightseeing spots existed. 
My friend like tour guide scheduled it and it was the best choice!! 

First, though so typical..., greeting to Singapore with water from Merlion, a symbol of Singapore ☆彡
"Nice to see you, Singapore!!"  (^^)/


We walked street and found PHITEN shop in shopping map.
I got delighted and passed there...
Someone said "Are you YUKO?!?", I got surprised!
I was happy to have a talk with shop staffs. 
"ARIGATO♪"(Thank you very much.)


Sentosa island was there!
What a happy beautiful area with plenty of colors at deep ocean!!


I got peaceful mind from Jellyfishes in aquarium. 


At night, we watched an attraction
 "Wings of Time" with plenty of light and music. 

A high fountain water screen appeared in night sky, and vivid three dimensional images are shown...
A "mysterious bird" in tale appeared, so cool!!
It was amazing with flame and fireworks. 


We laughed a lot and learned a lot through this enjoyable journey.