Hair Care Event

Hello, everyone! \(^o^)/
How are you?
I am fine! (^^)

It happened a day in so clear weather that we even felt hot.
The beauty salon of my friend has held its 35 years anniversary ceremony
and I have been there as invited guest. 

I heard that the participants were customers of the salon for long years.
My mind was filled with an emotion of thankfulness as if they were my customers (*^_^*)

          Group photo.jpg

At seminar, I explained, "Recognize that a scalp is connected to a whole face with a sheet of skin!" 
People learned about the skin care I have been practicing.

Yuko sensei seminar image.jpg

The time passed so fast in a happy harmony and laughing.
I am eager to meet everyone there again.
"ARIGATO-GOZAIMASHITA" (Thank you very much!) (^^)