Seminar at Phiten Ogikubo Shop

Hello, everyone!
How are you?
I am very fine!!

A seminar has been held in Phiten Ogikubo shop. 
I like to take this opportunity to show my great thankfulness for the participants.
This is a report for the seminar.

It was second time to hold seminar in the Ogikubo shop. 
The seminar started by greeting of Mr. Saiki, the owner of shop, and he introduced myself. I have talked about importance of hair and the growth of hair generated from scalp. 



Furthermore, staffs requested me for the lecture of my skin care method. 
I explained how to tape on face with Phiten Power Tape on my forehead and it was a practical prevention from wrinkle. 





Then, Phiten Skin Echo(a handy type facial massager) is useful to face and body at bathing.

Our skin is something like just one large sheet connected through scalp, face, and body. 
Why don't we refine ourselves with daily care?



See you again!