Hello, everybody!!
ANTI-FRIZZ seminar has been conducted. 
I thank so many people to have attended there.. 

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e monitoring study has been conducted on a number of people.
The voices from the study are:
"Wow!! It is so good like hair of someone others!"
"My hair gets so smooth just by drying and the tips become manageable!"
I feel wonderful to hear such voices. 

While our ANTI-FRIZZ started abroad, it is now getting available here in Japan. I like Japanese customers to have smooth and glossy hair finish along with pleasant sensation of wind. 

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This is a start of amazing technology!!
First, we discussed about characteristics of model hair.
Following the product introduction, the model hair was checked by participants. 
The model becomes delighted with progress of treatment. The glossy and smooth hair appears!!!

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The model said "Unbelievable!! My hair has got so smooth, glossy and vivid!! My finger can go through hair more easily!"

YUKO FRIZZ CARE is home care shampoo and treatment embedded with an idea of ANTI-FRIZZ. 
Coordinating moisture condition inside hair, this item refrains unruly wave and expansion of hair to keep natural and manageable hair status. 


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