YUKO seminar in London

Hello, everyone!

We have organized YUKO seminar in London! (^o^)丿
I sincerely appreciate attendants not only from London, 
but also from France, Belgium, and Israel with long way from home. 

Three ladies kindly cooperated in seminar and we proposed suitable treatment to each.

★ YUKO Straight Gel extends frizzy hair firmly.
 The benefit is not limited to extend frizz hair but also to restore damage.
 The treated hair will get silky and smooth straight hair with natural tension and firmness!

★ YUKO Straight Cream brings smooth texture just like flowing straight
 The finish will be manageable hair with moisture and smoothness. 
 You will get natural straight hair and can control frizz.

★ YUKO ANTI-FRIZZ makes hair realize windy feeling
 Heavily frizzy hair does not allow fingers pass through in between.
 This can ease such frizz to have finger smoothly pass through.
 You can get manageable silky hair with less volume and less dryness.

The product and treatment varied on individual. 
We tried to make easy-to-follow clarification.
Attendants were excited and appreciated the seminar.




This model has been having YUKO Straightening around 15 years.