How to create a beautiful hair generating health

Hello, everyone!

I attended in an event "How to create a beautiful hair generating health" at Phiten shop. 
I am happy to see a number of customers attending there. 
Thanks for all the attendants. 

Daily shampooing is basic of "How to create a beautiful hair" in my thinking. 
Shampooing is washing scalp(^o^)丿
Touch your fingertips onto scalp, shampoo like massaging scalp
with clear mind to eliminate old keratin and dirt from there. 




Daily care for creating a beautiful hair!
You can use "Moisture Towel" to absorb water.
Wet hair tends to have cuticles easily peeled off and it may cause enlarging damages.
The "Moisture Towel" gently absorbs water like wrapping hair with excellent water absorbency. 
Let's do it together! 




At home, we sometimes tie hair in one. 
What do you use to tie your hair?
I used to make and utilize wide size hair band to have managed hair at home without stress. 
Long Turban is created from such situation. 
Relax your hair just like you rest at home.



I often spend long time for transport for work. My hair cannot last one whole day. 
Troubles often arise like cut hair, static electricity due to rubbing with pillow, dry hair, bedhead etc. 
To solve such hair troubles, I love to use Hair Support Bag. 

Once using it during sleep, hair will get silky.
If you screw Hair Support Bag and sleep, you can get curly hair easily when you wake up.