Home care seminar Ⅱ

Hello, everyone!
I have been to Phiten Ibaraki Betsuin Shop to conduct 2nd hair care seminar by Yuko Yamashita. 
I like to appreciate all the participants!

I believe that shampoo is a starter when you want to have "Healthy and beautiful hair"!
I talked a lot about appropriate way of hair care, hair style used with hair iron, how to improve wrinkles, etc.
The participants were skillful to use hair iron to generate their own hair style,
and I was glad to see glossy and smooth hair.

Below shows workshops to learn appropriate way of hair care and hair iron...

1_Hair Care Seminar20170611.jpg

How to improve wrinkles...

2_Hair Care Seminar20170611.jpg

emorial shot with participants of the seminar...

3_Hair Care Seminar20170611.JPG