Here comes Yuko Straight Gel!


I like to report this news to beauticians!!
"Yuko Straight Gel" is being launched in Japan. 
The benefit is to make hair glossy, smooth, and light like floating on air!!

Nowadays, beauticians sometimes find difficult hair to treat. 
How extending difficult frizzy hair?
How treating highly damaged hair?

Here is Yuko Straight Gel, developed under my wish to bring happy smile and confidence with beautiful hair to women all over the world wherever of country, region, and whatever of race.
The solutions and protocols have been innovated to treat difficult frizzy hair. 


I have actually practiced treatment with Yuko Straight Gel!
It is a little bit hard to distinguish, but the hair strand had fine swells.
This was super dry and water repellent hair.


After the treatment, this customer got impressed. 
"Wow! Amazing! What a glossy and smooth hair, now!
My hair is floating on air!? Is it really my hair, Yuko???"


The below customer has got delighted with glossy smooth straight hair with natural texture. The greater happiness has come to her on the following day.
Many of her friends appreciated her hair saying "Your hair got smooth and beautiful!", and "You look really young!"


I like to bring smile and joy with beautiful hair to everybody.