Home care seminar

Hello everyone!

Upon request of Yuko funs at one of Phiten shops, I held daily care seminar. 
Here, I like to write about the event.

First, greeting was given by the shop manager, Mr. Yamanishi.
Looking highly interested in my talk.
Know the importance of your own hair and save it by daily care!
Your hair is your long year friend!!


I instructed appropriate operation of iron in simple way. 

Yuko Hair Iron has been designed considering lesser burden on hair and beautiful finish. This accomplishes more beautiful hair than ever with gloss and moisture. 
"I am going to show example!"


"Everyone, how do you wipe your hair with towel after shower?
Do not generate rubbing with towel! 
Wet cuticles get easy to peel off with damage. 
Yuko moisture towel minimizes damage on cuticles with cutting-edge technology at wiping. Good water absorbability works well at wiping hair."


You may wonder what it is below photo.
This is a good-night hair item I have been pursuing to launch since two decades ago. 
You may have had experiences of bed hair or frizzy hair when you woke up. 
During your sleep, your hair might be twisted and partly cut because of rubbing with pillow. Wrapping hair at sleep is helpful to get glossy and smooth hair finish. 

For long hair...
For short hair...

This can be accommodated at diverse styles like volume-up at top. 

You can get sound sleep with hair gently treated.


Everyone get smiling and happier than before the seminar!

I serviced each attendant with hair iron to have Yuko hair care experience.
I wish this seminar helps the attendants to get healthier life with beautiful hair.