Happy New Year 2017!

appy new year to you all!

At the beginning of year, people say that a god of the year comes home.
It was a sweet day I have celebrated it with family and friends!!

Everybody is here, cheers♪


Japanese new year dishes imply something like "accumulation of happiness".
I took great care in arranging with my wish of one year.

We took delicious stuffs all together and happy feeling filled there!


The next one is "Temaki-Sushi"(hand-rolled sushi)!

Temaki-Sushi is a dish to bring smile and pleasant chat.

What I prepared was Sushi rice, items, seaweed as shown in photo.

The items are assorted as yellowtail, bonito, salmon, salmon roe, squid, and vegetables...
Treasures from sea and mountain!!


It's very easy to serve!
Just take preferred items onto small Sushi rice, and roll them up with seaweed.

Whatever item you can take!!
Meat, eggs and anything you love(^^)/!!

A great fun with everyone, having amazing dishes!

Let's go proceeding toward goal in 2017 day by day!
I pray a great happiness of everyone!!