Yuko hair straightening in the USA  ~ Long hair~

Hello, everyone. How are you?

We had a training session for a new YUKO hair straightening technique at Taka Hair Salon.

The model had hair that was 80cm in length and was wavy and unruly.

The Yuko products and the necessary items for the new technique of hair straightening

Long-Style1-1.jpg Long-Style2-2.jpg

Her hair goes to below her waist




Use the "retouch technique", first put the solution on the hair (except the part 3cm from the root) for the required time and then check the condition of the hair.

Long-Style5-5.jpg Long-Style6-6.jpgのサムネール画像のサムネール画像

Make sure that the wavy hair has straightened and the hair is well softened and then wash out the solution and blow-dry the hair.

To make the finish slightly different in touch, you can adjust the drying time.



Straighten the hair using the YUKO straightening iron.

As the model's hair is so long, it took a long time to straighten.

I feel happy working together with Naoko-sensei of Taka hair salon.

Long-Style8-8.jpg  Long-Style9-9.jpg


Almost done, only the top section is left to do.



Now she has beautiful straight hair.

She looks satisfied with the results!