Maiko Dance

I went to see Kyo Odori. 
It is the traditional spring dance performed by about 60 maiko 
at Kaburenjo Theatre in Miyagawa-cho, Kyoto.

Kyo Odori1.JPG

Fukue san (Geigi), the face of Phiten's new brand "Kyo no Oshiroi otoshi", 
was one of the performers on the stage. She is pretty, isn't she? 

Kyo Odori2.jpg

The white foundation and the powder are thickly put on the face for Maiko Make-up.
It is not so healthy for the facial skin. 
Phiten's new cosmetic series (the make-up remover that has high removing effect, 
he cleansing foam thatlathers up well, and the lotion that moisturizes the skineffectively) 
restore the smoothness & radiance to theskin. 

Kyo Odori3.jpg

A photo with Futa.  He is a son of one of my colleagues. So cute~♪ 
Kyo Odori4.JPG