Along with the photo-shoot,the photographer took a fewpersonalphotos.
This is Roy, an unofficial participantof the photo-shoot.  ヽ(・ω・)/Happy**




He is quite independent.
While Iam awayon business trips, he doesn't miss me that much.
He doesn't like being held that much either... (´ω`)


(∪・ω・) Bow wow☆彡


Hello, everyone! How are you?
I am doing well. We had a YUKO hair product launch inMyanmar.ヾ(*´Ο`*)/
The day we arrived inMyanmar, it was raining and we had some thunder in the afternoon.

I was hoping for better weather for the launch but it rained heavily on the day.

Initially I was worried that we might have some problems with traffic (due to the bad weather)

but I was pleased in the end as lots of people came.


This launch was broadcast on television and you can see it through this youtube link:

☆.。.*・゚☆ YUKO ☆゚・*.。.☆ ☆.。.*・゚☆ YUKO ☆゚・*.。.☆ ☆.。.*・゚☆ YUKO ☆゚・*.。.☆




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