YUKO in the USA③


I had a nice reunion with Phiten colleagues in the USA.

I was happy to see them again!


■■ Reunion!!! ■■

This is the president of Phiten USA and the some of the staff.


the staff1.jpg




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YUKO in the USA②

he Magic castle
I was invited to a live magic show in the hilly residential area of Hollywood.

It is a members-only restaurant that has a wonderful magic show.

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YUKO in the USA①

Hi everyone!
I want to tell you about my visit to the Taka hair salon in the USA.

The Taka hair salon receives the greatest number of customers for YUKO straightening in the USA.
The salon opened a YUKO academy about 17 or 18 years agoand got a Yuko straightening technical license.
Here is the link to the Taka Hair Salon:  → http://www.takahair.com/jpn/aboutus.html


Taka Hair Salon1.jpg


The stylish Taka hair salon with a spacious salon and meeting room.


Taka Hair Salon2.jpg

A photo with the salon owner and staff, what lovelysmiles♪ The two people

next to me are the salon owner and her daughter☆彡

It was great to meet them.