Hello everyone!
I went to Chiharu Matsuyama's concert tour 2015 "passing messages".
He is one of the greatest Japanese folk music singers. Famous musicians are generally based in Tokyo,

but he is based in Hokkaido and makes heart-warming love songs and sings them to the world.


At the concert hall...
The venue was completely full.
He was so cool on the stage. The concert was very lively and energetic. It was so exciting!
His songs were beautiful and it was fun listening to what he had to say.
I hope you get the opportunity to experience his energy on stage one day.


I was lucky to be there because itis not easy to get tickets.
I enjoyed the concert so much and I wasdeeply moved by his music♪
He is so COOL!


After the concert,I went backstage to his dressing room to meet him.

As you can see, I was so happy to be in the photo with him.


chiharu matsuyama.jpg