Communicating the YUKO system's technical skills through workshop

Hi everyone! How are you?

I'm doing well. I recently went on a business trip to London\(^o^)/.

I went to the YUHEI salon to communicate some new technical skills to the staff there.

I am going to write about the workshop I held.

The participants were Yuhei, Reiko, and the other three members of staff at the salon.






【+◆+◆+++ YUKO'S LONDON OPENING +++◆+◆+】

The new YUKO straightening method gives a silky-touch finish and the hair looks beautiful.

The first thing I did was to counsel the client about how to take care of her hair.

After checking the condition of the client's scalp and hair, the process of YUKO straightening began.





Although the clients may have some worries about their hair, as the process of the straightening goes on,

their facial expressions became relaxed and then happy (*^_^*).




It has probably been 15 years since the last time Yuhei and I did hair straightening together.

Yuhei used to work as an instructor at the Yuko academy and also at the Yuko salon both in Tokyo and London.

As always his work has great attention to detail and he tries to give perfect results to his clients.

Just like me, he wants to see his clients' happy smiles.




He looks cool when he is working.

He is a bit shy and that is a part of his charm......☆◆☆!!




The process of Yuko hair straightening is finished.

Looking at her beautiful hair and the way it moves, the client smiled.

Yuko hair straightening is for people who wish to have and maintain smooth, silky hair.



【+◆+◆+++ Photo with the Yuhei family +++◆+◆+】
Commemorate photo with Yuhei, Reiko (his wife), and Rai (their daughter) (^o^)v
Reiko used to work as a top stylist for the Yuko salon in Aoyama, Tokyo.
She is cheerful and sweet. She is building a Japanese style home.
Rai is so lovely. She has been learning to play the violin.
Yuhei's family is beloved by the local people.