My dear protégé Yuhei

Hello, everyone. How are you?

Since I first started up the Yuko salons and academies, I have had many staff who have worked with me.

Yuhei, the owner of "Yuhei hair Salon", was and still is one of those people.

Yuhei worked closely with me as a senior stylist and a top instructor in Japan.

After some time he moved to London to work for a Yuko salon as a supervisor and then in 2008 he opened his own salon

"Yuhei" in Hampstead in north London.


This is Yuhei.



The Yuhei Hair Salon looks nice, doesn't it?


The woman behind me, who is cutting a client's hair is his wife Reiko.



At the salon, they provide a high quality hair straightening service.
Their clients are relaxed and comfortable because the salon has such a warm
and friendly atmosphere☆



Salon:80 Heath Street London NW3 1DN
Phone:020 7435 1300