Hello. Today I would like to tell you a story that prompted me to pay more attention to taking care of my hair.

While working at salons, I occasionally worked doing hairstyles for films, videos and CM shooting.

In the old days, there weren't many hairstylists doing these shoots,

so I often needed to go to different places to do hairstyling.



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Male hairdressers

Hello, everyone. How are you?
I have been working with hairdressers all over the world and I have noticed that
there has been an increase in the amount of male hairdressers.
At the Yuko academy, they are so attentive and eager to learn new skills.
I am happy if my clients are content.


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Yuko's Hair Care Quiz Part.4

Give it a try!
If you look at the scalp in detail using a magnifying glass,

the landscape you can see is just like a field and crops.

The hair crop grows on the ground which we call the "scalp".

It can be not only one, but two or three hairs growing out of just one pore.

There are some pores that have a bunch of hairs.

They look like a little family of hair.


This time I would like to quiz you about the hair families.
Please choose the one you think is the correct among A. B. and C.



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