[Question from Ms. M.Y.  (24 year old graphic designer)]

Hello Yuko,
I have never consulted a hair expert on how to shampoo correctly.

I am very excited to hear your advice. I have damaged hair.

When I shampoo, I first make my hair wet, after that I soak my scalp.

I put a small amount of shampoo on the scalp and shampoo the hair

by brushing it through my hair.

I think that if I use a brush to apply the shampoo to my hair that all areas of

my hair will be cleaned.

I also think that it removes the tangles from my hair at the same time.

Is it a good idea to use a brush while I shampoo my hair?

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[Question from Ms. Y.I. (30 year old company employee) ]

Hello Yuko,
I have long straight hair. I want to have beautiful hair so I take care of my hair by following the advice on your hair care pages. I make sure I shampoo my hair once a day. First of all I soak my hair and make sure it is wet through. Then I put some conditioner on the surface of my hair. After that, I pump the shampoo bottle three times to get the shampoo on my hand, then I scrub it in so it foams up from the top of my head to the ends of my hair. Then I rinse it thoroughly. Finally I put a treatment on my hair and rinse it with water.

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