I enjoy working for Sunsilk, so I would like to tell you about it.

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Singapore is quite urban and polished. I asked myself  "Am I really in Asia? ".
The city is very clean and exotic. There is lots of greenery too!!
When describing Hawaii I would say maybe it is an American gem
and Singapore would be an Asian jewel. Don't you think so?

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Three months have passed since the great east Japan earthquake and tsunami. Many lives have been taken and many people are still suffering after this calamity. Since then, Japan has also had to face the issue of the radiation leak at the Fukushima nuclear plant, which has brought about great concern and discussion at a global level.


Despite continuing aftershocks in the disaster areas, the victims themselves have been directing all their energies into settling down and coping after the initial chaos. It will take a long time for us to recover from these great losses.

We need to stick together and make considered efforts to get regain our peace and to rebuild communities in the disaster areas. Hopefully then people from many other countries will start visiting Japan once more.


I would like to thank all the people who gave us encouragement, those who sent us kind thoughts and of course those who sent donations from all over the world. I would also like to express my deep gratitude for your support and compassion.


Sincerely yours

Yuko Yamashita