Home care seminar Ⅱ

Hello, everyone!
I have been to Phiten Ibaraki Betsuin Shop to conduct 2nd hair care seminar by Yuko Yamashita. 
I like to appreciate all the participants!

I believe that shampoo is a starter when you want to have "Healthy and beautiful hair"!
I talked a lot about appropriate way of hair care, hair style used with hair iron, how to improve wrinkles, etc.
The participants were skillful to use hair iron to generate their own hair style,
and I was glad to see glossy and smooth hair.

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Cherry blossom scenery

 Cherry tree in full bloom*:.:*゚゚*:   Happy smile in full bloom, too*:.:*゚゚*:


Here comes Yuko Straight Gel!


I like to report this news to beauticians!!
"Yuko Straight Gel" is being launched in Japan. 
The benefit is to make hair glossy, smooth, and light like floating on air!!

Nowadays, beauticians sometimes find difficult hair to treat. 
How extending difficult frizzy hair?
How treating highly damaged hair?

Here is Yuko Straight Gel, developed under my wish to bring happy smile and confidence with beautiful hair to women all over the world wherever of country, region, and whatever of race.
The solutions and protocols have been innovated to treat difficult frizzy hair. 


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Home care seminar

Hello everyone!

Upon request of Yuko funs at one of Phiten shops, I held daily care seminar. 
Here, I like to write about the event.

First, greeting was given by the shop manager, Mr. Yamanishi.
Looking highly interested in my talk.
Know the importance of your own hair and save it by daily care!
Your hair is your long year friend!!


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Good day!

How are you, everyone?

Had a party with colleagues.
Once girls getting together, they chat quite a lot!
I love and trust them♪


Got rare Kyoto duck ham and hamburger!
How delicious they were!