YUKO seminar in London Ⅱ

We have done without big trouble thanks to you all!

I greatly enjoyed recreation games and so on with attendants.

A voice "Amazing!" with joy encouraged me a lot! 

Many of such voices came from models and attendants.

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Hello, everyone!

We have organized YUKO seminar in London! (^o^)丿
I sincerely appreciate attendants not only from London, 
but also from France, Belgium, and Israel with long way from home. 

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Hello, everyone!

I attended in an event "How to create a beautiful hair generating health" at Phiten shop. 
I am happy to see a number of customers attending there. 
Thanks for all the attendants. 

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Hello, everyone!

ANTI-FRIZZ is going to be launched in Japan. This item has already been popular in US and Europe.

ANTI-FRIZZ can expand the diversity of hair salon menu in addition to cut, perm, color treatment, straightening, and hair treatment. 

After long-standing research, we are happy to introduce this menu to distributors in Japan. 


It is a hair salon menu to control stubborn and frizzy hair and maintain smooth glossy-looking straight hair.

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Hello, everyone!

ANTI-FRIZZ is one of YUKO products line familiar to overseas hair salons already. It is going to be launched in Japan.

The product will be renewed in other countries.

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