Good day!

How are you, everyone?

Had a party with colleagues.
Once girls getting together, they chat quite a lot!
I love and trust them♪


Got rare Kyoto duck ham and hamburger!
How delicious they were! 


Happy New Year 2017!

  • January 25, 2017
appy new year to you all!

At the beginning of year, people say that a god of the year comes home.
It was a sweet day I have celebrated it with family and friends!!

Everybody is here, cheers♪


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So happy!
A friend of mine gave me a ticket for Piaf, 
a performance to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Edith Piaf. 
Piaf was wonderfully portrayed by Shinobu Otake, the actress I admire a lot.
Fantastic singing and brilliant acting! 
I would like to thank my friend for this great Piaf present! 

Today I am writing about a session on bobbed hair. 

he model has shoulder length hair and because of the repeated coloring and bleaching, it is dried and damaged. 

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Hello, everyone. How are you?

We had a training session for a new YUKO hair straightening technique at Taka Hair Salon.

The model had hair that was 80cm in length and was wavy and unruly.

The Yuko products and the necessary items for the new technique of hair straightening

Long-Style1-1.jpg Long-Style2-2.jpg

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